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Narrative therapy

Michael White’s Narrative Therapy focuses on exploring and reframing personal stories to change perceptions of problems. This approach views our lives as constantly evolving narratives, and seeks to free individuals from restrictive or problematic narratives. Scientific evidence supports its effectiveness in improving resilience and emotional well-being by challenging and reconceptualizing dominant narratives. Studies indicate that this approach facilitates positive change by empowering people to re-interpret their experiences and re-construct meaning.

“We are not our problems; we are the way we respond to them. Narrative therapy helps us re-define our relationship to difficulties and find new ways to live.” – Michael White

“Narrative therapy is an act of creative collaboration. Together, therapist and client explore and co-construct new narratives that reflect the strength and resilience of the individual.” – Michael White

“Each person is an expert on his or her own life. Narrative therapy values and uses the individual’s wisdom to re-construct stories that are more enriching and aligned with their values.” – Michael White


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Narrative Therapy is presented as a therapeutic approach that promotes authenticity, self-reflection and the rediscovery of personal strengths to address life's challenges.