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Sensorimotor therapy

Sensory Motor Therapy is a therapeutic approach that integrates bodywork and body awareness to address trauma and promote healing. It focuses on how the body stores and processes emotional experiences, using techniques that incorporate mindfulness and the mind-body connection. Evidence suggests that this modality is effective in the treatment of complex trauma and post-traumatic stress. Research supports the idea that Sensorimotor Therapy helps regulate the autonomic nervous system and restore mind-body integration.

“Every movement tells an unspoken story; sensorimotor therapy is the key to deciphering the silent language of bodily experience.” – Pat Ogden

“The present is revealed through sensory experience; sensorimotor therapy is the gateway to full awareness in the present body.” – Pat Ogden

“Through sensorimotor therapy, the body becomes a therapeutic ally, guiding the process toward resilience and emotional balance.” – Pat Ogden


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By focusing on physical sensations and bodily responses, this therapy offers a holistic path to emotional healing and psychological well-being.