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Internal Family Systems Therapy

Inner Family Therapy is a therapeutic approach that explores the inner parts of the psyche. Developed by Richard Schwartz, it focuses on identifying and understanding the different “parts” that co-exist within a person. The therapist accompanies the individual to improve communication and collaboration between these parts, promoting harmony and connection with more authentic aspects of the self.

Scientific evidence supports the efficacy of this therapy in disorders such as anxiety, depression and trauma. Studies indicate improvements in emotional well-being and relationship quality.

“Healing begins when the inner parts find their voice and are acknowledged with compassion.” – Richard Schwartz

“To guide internal parties toward collaboration is to discover the richness and complexity of the human experience.” – Richard Schwartz

“In Inner Family Therapy, each part is essential, and its integration is an act of self-love.” – Richard Schwartz

“Knowing and understanding our inner parts is the first step towards a more compassionate relationship with oneself.” – Richard Schwartz


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This unique approach offers a valuable perspective for self-understanding and internal conflict-management, facilitating a path towards a healthier and more balanced integration.